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Livestock Services

Our Facilities

Indoor heated obstetrical area for difficult deliveries and c-sections. Indoor hydraulic Silencer chute with scales.  Portable hydraulic Silencer Wide Body chute. Pen space for haul-in livestock work.

Pregnancy Diagnosis- Rectal Palpation & Ultrasound

We offer both traditional pregnancy exam by rectal palpation as well as early pregnancy diagnosis by ultrasound.  Using ultrasound we can diagnose pregnancies as early as 28 days.  We can also diagnose an AI versus bull bred animal if ultrasound is performed prior to 90 days of gestation.

Breeding Soundness Examinations & Trich Testing

Did you know that you can increase the number of cows calving earlier in your calving period simply by screening your bulls with a BSE exam yearly prior to turnout?  Studies indicate that you can get 11% more cows to conceive earlier in the breeding period if your bulls are tested.

Heifer Reproductive Tract Scoring

We recommend that all replacement heifers have their pelvis evaluated for malformations prior to breeding.  At the same time we perform a palpation of the reproductive tract to determine if the heifer is currently or has the potential to cycle normally and become pregnant.

Herd Health

At EAH we believe in creating customized herd health plans that fit with each herd's production and economic goals.  Our programs focus on preventative medicine and include plans for biosecurity, vaccination, strategic deworming, and other procedures throughout the year.

Livestock: Services
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